VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

Vortex Healing Divine Energy Healing is a holistic system of multi-dimensional healing and inner awakening from an ancient Divine lineage seeded approximately 5500 years ago. This unique modality brings together Divine energy and light, guided by the profound consciousness and intelligence of the Divine Expression known as Merlin (the Merlin associated with King Arthur was not this Divine Expression but one of the human teachers of this lineage).

This healing art has been one of the most transformational influences in my life, and this only seems to be deepening even more over time. The healing tools I have received from it are beyond anything I have ever experienced. It has helped open up my sensing to the point where seeing the intricate details of past lives, having conversations with various non-physical beings, receiving clear Divine guidance, and being able to feel a whole spectrum of energetic flows and blockages are now so commonplace for me that I have almost forgotten what life was like before. In addition, it has also gifted me a grounded, detail-orientated, and potent way of addressing the body’s conditioning and the energy system that surpasses (by miles!) any other modality I have come across. It is, in short, miraculous.

Vortex Healing Energy Healing is the most comprehensive healing art I have ever come across. You’re not just experiencing a simple healing session when working with this modality. This potent healing art can invite you on a journey of profound physical, emotional, and spiritual renewal. More than just providing temporary relief from one’s issues, Vortex Healing, at its core, awakens and transforms you from within, addressing your issues and identities on all levels for comprehensive healing. In doing so, it works very deeply on the physical, emotional, and karmic levels of issues.

And it gets better… This modality doesn’t just stop with individual healing. It extends to facilitating shifts on a global scale, contributing to the evolution of human consciousness and the healing of our planet. You can eventually learn how to bridge divinity into communities and population centers through advanced techniques, elevating their vibrational state and creating permanent collective shifts in human consciousness.

So – are you ready to begin your healing journey with Vortex Healing Energy Healing and connect with the Divine magic of Merlin, the divine avatar and source of this lineage’s profound capabilities? 

Whether you’re seeking personal transformation or wish to contribute to broader healing efforts, Vortex Healing Energy Healing offers a path to profound change. Allow yourself to experience the unparalleled depth and breadth of healing that this healing art can manifest.

This healing art has many levels of training, with each level becoming increasingly deeper and more profoundly transformational. I have been taking Vortex Healing Energy Healing trainings for over 15 years, and therefore, in these sessions, you will receive the highest level of healing transmissions that Vortex Healing offers.



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Receiving these Offerings


My Energy Healing practice specializes in Distance Healing. 

With over two decades of experience in this field, I have honed my skills to facilitate healing sessions that my clients find remarkably effective, no matter where they are in the world. 

The various Distance Healing based offerings I have listed above are as potent and transformative as receiving Energy Healing in person.

As a testament to this, I have developed an ever-growing loyal client base around the globe who attest to the transformative power of my work.

Whether you’re searching for Energy Healing near me, Vortex Healing, or are already familiar with the transformative potential of Distance Healing, I encourage you to book a session to experience firsthand the powerful shifts that this kind of Distance Healing (or Distant Healing) can offer.