Strengthening the Constitutional Energies

Strengthening the Constitutional Energies

Are you interested in increasing longevity? Or are you looking to support your quality of life as you age?

According to many of the world’s more traditional and holistic approaches to health, supporting and balancing the body’s constitutional energies are central to maintaining vitality and preventing disease. 

In these sessions, we focus on replenishing the underlying constitutional energy levels of the meridian energy pathways, the brain, and the kundalini energy. 

We also restore what we can of your Jing, Kidney Essence, Primary Yin, and Primary Yang reserves (yes, you can replenish pre-natal Jing!).

If you regularly experience fatigue, these sessions may be helpful. They are deeply nourishing for the energy system.

We can usually address the essentials in your system in one session. In two sessions, we should be able to address everything mentioned above. In several sessions, it will be more extensive, including replenishing the different kinds of chi in your cells, creating a deeper balance between your Primary Yin and Primary Yang levels, and even working with your genetic consciousness to further bolster your constitutional energies.

If you are already working with longevity doctors, taking longevity supplements, or using longevity technology of some kind, these sessions could be a great way to deepen the progress you have already made.

Receiving these Offerings


My Energy Healing practice specializes in Distance Healing. 

With over two decades of experience in this field, I have honed my skills to facilitate healing sessions that my clients find remarkably effective, no matter where they are in the world. 

The various Distance Healing based offerings I have listed above are as potent and transformative as receiving Energy Healing in person.

As a testament to this, I have developed an ever-growing loyal client base around the globe who attest to the transformative power of my work.

Whether you’re searching for Energy Healing near me, or are already familiar with the transformative potential of Distance Healing, I encourage you to book a session to experience firsthand the powerful shifts that this kind of Distance Healing (or Distant Healing) can offer.