Feng Shui (or Vastu) Divine Energy Structure

Feng Shui (or Vastu) Divine Energy Structure

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice (similar to Vastu in Ayurveda) of organizing our environment to be in harmony with the natural world. It promotes the flow of positive energy to improve health and well-being, create prosperity, and enhance the quality of life.

This Divine Structure will be tailored to accentuate the positive flow of energies in living spaces along these principles, organizing them to be even more aligned and harmonious.

By its very nature, this Divine Structure can create flow and harmony at a level that regular Feng Shui practices will not, as it can reorganize layers of even subtler energy that would typically remain inaccessible.

This energy structure can be created in a physical space (such as a two- to three-bedroom house) in one session. Larger spaces require more time.

Receiving these Offerings


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