Energy System Health Assessment

Energy System Health Assessment

Are you dealing with physical health symptoms or ongoing health situations (such as auto-immune diseases, MAST cell activation syndrome, cancer, etc.) and looking for support and guidance? 

One way I can offer support is through an energetic health assessment.

In this session, we will examine your system in depth, evaluating each of the major organ energies through the lens of their energy pathway health. We will also examine your general energy levels and energetic functioning (both overall and in specific organs/areas of the body) and assess how these could be impacting your health and well-being. 

As part of this process, we may also examine your levels of chi, jing, kidney essence, primary yin, and primary yang and explore your diet and its effect on critical factors such as your protein, minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, and toxicity levels. Additionally, we will explore the potential impact of parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungi on your system’s health.

Depending on the flow of the session and the issues we uncover, we may also explore more specific areas of the body and energy system to determine what might be happening there. 

This knowledge will help you gain a more detailed understanding of any potentially problematic areas in your system and highlight some of the areas that would benefit from deeper support over the long term.

In one session, you will receive an overview of your system’s most critical areas that need support and a detailed map of how to address these issues systematically and holistically.

Receiving these Offerings


My Energy Healing practice specializes in Distance Healing. 

With over two decades of experience in this field, I have honed my skills to facilitate healing sessions that my clients find remarkably effective, no matter where they are in the world. 

The various Distance Healing based offerings I have listed above are as potent and transformative as receiving Energy Healing in person.

As a testament to this, I have developed an ever-growing loyal client base around the globe who attest to the transformative power of my work.

Whether you’re searching for Energy Healing near me, or are already familiar with the transformative potential of Distance Healing, I encourage you to book a session to experience firsthand the powerful shifts that this kind of Distance Healing (or Distant Healing) can offer.