Supporting You On Your Professional Journey

Are you a high-achieving professional looking to improve your performance?

I regularly work with high-achieving professionals such as athletes, musicians, therapeutic professionals and corporate executives to help support them in developing and honing their craft even more successfully.  How so? Well, Energy Healing consultations can help reveal what has been holding you back professionally, and give you the tools and support to start addressing the relevant issues.  

As part of the consultation process I will have a thorough look at all the various aspects of your Energy System, and feed back to you any information that feels relevant to your professional interests and goals.  I will also be able to give you a run-down of what is going on at each level, as well as highlight any significant energetic blockages, damage, depletion, shut-down, or imbalances that your system may have that also feel relevant to your goals.  Having this information, and understanding the role of one’s Energy System in continually influencing and colouring one’s day-to-day experience, can be incredibly empowering.  It’s like being given a map to one’s life.  Long-standing issues can suddenly make sense. Previous struggles can be more clearly seen for what they are.  Limiting belief patterns can be illuminated and transformed, and much much more.  Armed with this knowledge, it becomes much easier to navigate one’s professional life in much more deeply informed and empowered manner.

Receiving Healing

As part of this consultation process, deep and transformative healing may occur.  I have a long history of working with various spiritual beings and numerous healing energies, all of whom are very benevolent in their nature. With your permission, these beings often come in during the consultations to work with you  and your energy system to facilitate healing.  The changes they can facilitate are often profound and deeply transformational. And for clarity, it is not me doing any healing here, but the beings and energies themselves. My role is simply to be a guide, and to provide any relevant advice, feedback and information that feels relevant to your process.

Already working in the Therapeutic Arts?

I regularly work with impact-driven practitioners and teachers working in the therapeutic arts who are passionate about their work, and would like to develop their energy healing capacities and enrich their practices.

These are often energy healers, bodyworkers, yoga teachers, tai chi practitioners or psychotherapists (but could be any professional working in the healing arts) who are looking to expand they’re offerings by adding an energy-based modality to the range of services that they already offer.  This of course is a very individual decision that will be influenced by one’s natural leanings and interests, as well as the nature of the modality, or modalities, that one is already working with.  An Energy Healing Consultation can help support you in exploring the different options that are of interest to you, and then help you come to a decision that best serves your ongoing professional development.

As with a personally focused Energy Healing Consultation, we would look at a whole range of different Energy Healing based modalities including Reiki, various Shamanistic approaches, VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing, M-Energy Healing®, Flower Essences, Crystals, Acupressure as well as various kinds of Meditation and Mindfulness techniques.  If needed, the consultation process will also include person-specific advice as to how best to use any of the Energy Healing techniques that end up being recommended, and how to then incorporate this into one’s professional practice.

Already have a professional Energy Healing practice?

I also offer consultations for practitioners that already have an established Energy Healing based practice, and are looking to take this deeper.  Similarly to a personal consultation, I will be able to tune into your Energy System, and into how you are energetically engaging with the Energy Healing technique in question.  I will then be able to offer you constructive advice, as well as useful information, to help you deepen in or otherwise improve upon the way your are engaging with the technique or modality under consideration.  In this context, however, the focus here is entirely on how this impacts you in your professional life.  

For example, some of the issues I regularly help Energy based practitioners with are:

    • Clarifying the degree to which a specific energy is being successfully connected to
    • Clarifying the degree to which a specific energy is being successfully channeled
    • Clarifying which particular healing energies, healing tools, nature spirits or healing beings could work best for various different situations
    • Clarifying if one’s energetic bridging and psychic engagement to one’s client is functioning optimally, and is as deep as it could be 
    • Identifying which aspects of the energy system to work on to support various general outcomes
    • Identifying what could be going on in a particular client’s Energy System, and how best to approach working with this [with the client’s permission]
    • How to deepen ones energetic connection to any lineage that one is working within 
    • How to sense more openly
    • How to work with energy in a fully aligned way

More often than not, there can also be some kind of emotional, mental or energetic block that might be getting in the way of one’s professional practice.  This of course, can be a very significant part of the overall picture, and so I’ve outlined how the consultation process works for this in its own section just above.