Supporting you on your Personal Journey

Gain clarity around what’s going on in your Energy System and how this may be impacting you

Knowing how to work with one’s Energy System and what it holds in a comprehensive way, is the foundation of all meaningful Energy Healing practices.  But how does one actually know what is going on in one’s Energy System? And how does one know what within this is actually impacting ones personal (or professional) life? An Energy Healing consultation can help reveal the answers to these questions, and help you to start addressing the relevant issues.

As humans, we all have an Energy System, and although the general make-up and design of this system is more or less universal across humanity, each person’s Energy system is unique to them.  This is because our individual systems contains the imprint of of our individual personal and ancestral history, and since we ‘live’ in, and from, our Energy System, we tend to see our lives through the lens of these imprints.  This history thereby dramatically shapes and colours the experience of our lives, as we are almost always experiencing our life through its point of view.  In this way, these imprints help to create, and to continually support, each of our belief systems, as well as our emotional outlooks on life.  In other words, what we hold in our personal Energy Systems tends to becomes mirrored in the experience of our lives.  Understanding what is going on in our personal Energy System can thereby help us to better understand what is happening in our personal life.  Once we know what is going on here, we can then start to consciously work with it, and thereby create the changes we would like to see not only in ourselves, but also in our lives.

During a consultation I will have a thorough look at all the various aspects of your Energy System, and feed back to you any information that feels relevant to your personal interests and goals.  I will also be able to give you a run-down of what is going on at each level of your system, as well as highlight any significant energetic blockages, damage, depletion, shut-down, or imbalances that your system may have.  Having this information, and understanding the role of one’s Energy System in continually influencing and colouring one’s day-to-day experience, can be incredibly empowering.  It’s like being given a map to one’s life. Long-standing issues can suddenly make sense. Previous struggles can be more clearly seen for what they are.  Limiting belief patterns can be illuminated and transformed, and much much more.  Armed with this knowledge, it becomes much easier to navigate one’s personal life in an informed, practical and compassionate manner.

Receiving Healing

As part of this consultation process, deep and transformative healing may occur.  I have a long history of working with various spiritual beings and numerous healing energies, all of whom are very benevolent in their nature. With your permission, these beings often come in during the consultations to work with you  and your energy system to facilitate healing.  The changes they can facilitate are often profound and deeply transformational. And for clarity, it is not me doing any healing here, but the beings and energies themselves. My role is simply to be a guide, and to provide any relevant advice, feedback and information that feels relevant to your process.

Choose the right type of Energy Healing for you

Utilising Energy Healing techniques for one’s own personal development can be deeply rewarding. The personal transformation that they facilitate can empower us to move through and resolve any personal challenges that we may be facing. These changes can then help us to renew our relationship with our selves.  They can help us to create the life that we want.  And ultimately, they can help us to come to a deeper place of inner peace, balance and harmony.

However, it isn’t always easy to know how to best navigate the variety of modalities out there.  There are many different approaches, all with their own range of different options and iterations.  And not only do different modalities have different strengths, but every individual is also unique and so has unique needs.  Picking the type(s) of Energy Healing most suited to your needs is, of course, an important decision, and so naturally, it’s important to get it right from the outset.  Aligning with what is most right for you now, will help you to get the most out of your future.

An Energy Healing Consultation will help you to narrow down which modality could be best for you and your personal energetic requirements, so you can better navigate any issues or obstacles you may be facing on both an inner, or an outer level.  The consultations are designed to give you the relevant information you need to move forward optimally.  

As part of the process we would look at a whole range of different Energy Healing based modalities including Reiki, various Shamanistic approaches, VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing, M-Energy Healing®, Flower Essences, Crystals, Acupressure as well as various kinds of Meditation and Mindfulness techniques, to see which would suit you best.  If needed, the consultation process will also include person-specific advice as to how best to use any of the Energy Healing techniques that end up being recommended. 

Deepen your pre-existing personal Energy Healing practice

I also regularly offer consultations to support people that already have an established personal Energy Healing based practice and are looking to take this deeper.  As part of a consultation, I will be able to tune into the unique make-up of your Energy System and how it is energetically engaging with the Energy Healing technique in question so I can give you feedback on what I sense is going on there.  I will then be able to offer you constructive advice, and other useful information, to help you deepen in, or otherwise improve upon, the way your are engaging with the particular Energy Healing technique under review.  All kinds of Energy Healing based modalities and techniques can be consulted on in this way - what can be covered here goes beyond the list of examples given above. 

A Common Example – Tiredness, Exhaustion and Depletion

As part of the consultation process, we can, for example, look at anything in your Energy System that could be contributing to a sense of tiredness or exhaustion.  To give some context, the Energy System acts as a reservoir of energy, akin to a complex battery.  When there is the experience of exhaustion, disfunction or ongoing fatigue, this can be mirrored in the Energy System as significant energetic blockages, damage, depletion, shut-down, or imbalance.  Addressing what is going on energetically in such cases, can often be incredibly supportive for what one is experiencing physically.  In cases such as this, the consultation process would include, for instance, looking into:


      • Your Chi, Jing and Kidney Essence levels 
      • The state of all your various Energy Pathways 
      • The presence of any broken subtle energy pathways
      • The presence of any shut down Meridian Nodes, Voridian Nodes, Jin Shin Pathways and Jin Shin Nodes
      • How well the pathway energy is getting to the cells
      • The system’s dosha and elemental balance 
      • The presence of any emotional, energetic, karmic and ancestral factors that may be contributing to the experience of exhaustion in the system
      • And numerous other key potential sources of energetic support or drain.